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Profitable Commission

As a 12Jeet affiliate, you will have the opportunity to earn generous commissions for every player you refer to our casino. Our competitive commission structure ensures that your efforts are duly rewarded.

High Player Retention

12Jeet Casino has a high player retention rate, meaning players you refer are more likely to continue playing on our platform. This translates into long-term earnings as the players you refer engage with our various games.

Trusted & Reliable Brand

12Jeet Casino is a reputed and trusted brand in the online gambling industry. Partnering with a well-established and reliable casino increases your credibility as an affiliate and builds trust with your audience.

Dedicated affiliate support

We have a dedicated affiliate support team ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Our support team is committed to ensuring your success and providing timely solutions to your needs

High Player Value

The lifetime value of players referred by affiliates tends to be higher than average. With 12Jeet's attractive bonuses, promotions, and exceptional gaming experience, players spend more to increase your overall earnings.

Continuous growth opportunities

The online gambling industry continues to grow, presenting new opportunities for affiliates. As a 12Jeet affiliate, you can capitalize on this growth and take advantage of our ongoing marketing efforts to maximize your earning potential. 

How it works?

Sign up and Get approved

Register as an affiliate through our user-friendly online platform.

Promote 12Jeet Casino

Encourage your visitors to sign up and play 12Jeet by using your unique affiliate links to track referrals.

Earn Lucrative Commissions

As your referred players join 12Jeet Casino, you will start earning commissions based on their gaming activity and deposits.

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How to calculate your Commission rate

Total calculation is based on

( Company Win/Loss - Operation Fee -Bonus ) x 50%


Financial bonuses, rebates, campaigns etc. given to affiliated members.

Operation Fee

30% of affiliate members' total winnings/ losses paid as platform and operation fees.

active player with deposit Commission Payment %
1 player and above

*updated 1st March 2024*

Win / Lose

Operation Fee


Affiliate earns
of total net profit

Member Win / Lose Operation Fee 30% Bonus Commission 50%
Member 1
Member 2
Member 3
Member 4






*updated 1st March 2024*

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